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I believe us people are like diamonds, we have endless facets, we show different sides of ourselves to each person and in each situation.

We’re not just the one person that we think we are, each of us has a citadel within, BUT We’re always in search of new pleasures, new places to visit, new people to meet, new stuff to buy, but only if we take the time to discover ourselves, our endless universe within! 

This collection is about different facets of my own personality, it's a self discovery journey and as I discover my own psyche, I hope to expand this collection further.







Some notes on the creative process: Created using Krita drawing app and Wacom Tablet.

The style is obviously inspired by Pablo Picasso, my idol. I learned drawing at an early age and continued learning and studying art for several years during my summer holidays, my teacher was my mom's best-friend who was a top-notch artist and she loved cubism, I guess that is why this style became my favourite too!

Our divine ancestors live through every one of us, their existence is embedded in our DNA, the last bit of humanity that's remained within us is our heritage from our ancestors.

The Ancestor Queens are here to remind us of our heritage, of the magic within us!


Queen Nahid

Queen Zyanya.jpg

Queen Zyanya


Queen Amunet

Some notes on the creative process: To create the visual art I used OpenAI to create the base image and then I brought that into Procreate to draw additional features, remove some parts, and add my personal touch.

For the names of each piece I do research on different cultures' mythologies to find the female figures that inspire me and I choose their names for my artworks. To write the descriptions is another fun part for me, I normally play a meditative music and just stare at the image I've created and wait for some inspiring words to form in my mind, then I just type it down. For me, the writing part requires even more concentration and connection with my inner self.

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