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A family of ambitious dons working together to push their limits to where there is no end! Calmly walking on the razor's edge, with their head up, there is no going back.

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Don Dash

Don glass gif.gif

Don Bugsy

Don2 gif2.gif

Don Blaze

Some notes on the creative process: The art style is Inspired by my personal idol, Picasso! Created and animated in Procreate.

They're notorious, dangerous, deadly, and irresistible! You know you've got to run away, but this magnificent danger is too alluring , too beautiful to let go, and that's the end of you!

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Sky Moll


Rosa Montana

Punk Boss.png


Some notes on the creative process: For some of the pieces in this collection I used OpenAI to create the template and edited it into perfection (near perfection) in Procreate, for some of the other pieces I used MidJourney only.

Obsessed with gangster movies much? That I am! 

With these badass gangsta ladies, all I wanna say is to be your own boss, rule your own life, and take no BS from nobody!

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