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Showcasing some of my favourite artworks I've collected from incredible artists.


Predators Around Me

Founder & CEO

As humans, we are no strangers to toxicity. It can get exhausting when we are placed in toxic situations, or when we are surrounded by the wrong people. One of the hardest, but most important things is knowing when to let something or someone go. As we go through this crazy journey called "life", my wish to you is to have the strength to let go of anything that isn't good for you. You got this!

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The Huntress

Tech Lead

The huntress In a mask, No on can find a way Into my heart
As I lay a trap for all that, you want to see
I will cut open and, You will bleed
As my thoughts, Can't be seen
So be careful, When you delve
Into my heart and soul, You will be lost forever
Into the darkness, Which unfolds

Mayank Barman (viralvirus)

artifact (8).jpeg

The Yellow Spirit

Office Manager

The Yellow Spirit is a friendly and positive creature. She’ll give you good luck in all your endeavors.

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What's Dead May Never Die

Product Manager

AI creation made especially for girlsgang by Women's Museum.

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